KiCad is an open source software suite for Electronic Design Automation (EDA). The programs handle Schematic Capture, and PCB Layout with Gerber output. The suite runs on Windows, Linux and macOS and is licensed under GNU AGPL v3.

KiPro support is a part of the KiCad Services Corporation, a California corporation formed with the mission of providing public, open-source development and support of the KiCad EDA software package. 

KiCad Services Corporation employs some of the lead development team for KiCad.

Both the KiCad project and KiPro offer the same professional-quality EDA software.

KiPro makes some modifications to the standard KiCad project to support rapid updates, bug reporting and to resolve customer issues.  The KiPro modifications are licensed under the same General Public License v3 as KiCad itself and are available at the KiPro GitHub repository.

Customers may choose to use the regular updates provided by KiPro or the standard KiCad project software and still receive the same rapid, private support offered by KiPro.

You may not want to.  All KiCad users can submit bug reports and feature requests to the main bug tracker.  User-to-user support is also free at the forums.  But asking for support or bug fixes in public forums is not for everyone and may not be compatible with your business.

With KiPro support, you know that you are always receiving support from trained engineers who can fix the issue and help you design a process to avoid it.  KiPro support will get you back up and running faster.

  • KiPro support offers e-mail, forum and direct video support.
  • KiPro support offers extended life support for older version of KiCad.
  • KiPro support can work with your company’s NDAs

Yes.  The majority of our code is immediately committed directly to the KiCad source repository.  Customization for specific builds is maintained in the KiCad Services Corporation GitHub repository.

The corporate mission statement for the KiCad Services Corporation places open source at the heart of everything we do.  We believe that open source tools are the future of design and we are proud to play a role in their development and dissemination.

Open source ensures that your company’s intellectual property remains accessible to you, forever.  Even if you cancel your subscription to KiPro, your designs along with the KiCad and KiPro software remain yours to view, change and distribute without limitation.

The CERN foundation is a not-for-profit entity that can yield additional tax benefits to you.  A KiPro subscription provides you with additional services that may be useful to your business.

Both options support the continued development and improvement of the KiCad EDA package.

Using Open Source software ensures that you will always have access to your work product.  No expiration dates.  No licensing restrictions.

All schematics, board designs, diagrams, production files and all other elements of your work remain your sole property and may be utilized under any license you choose.  

The Open Source license of KiCad applies only to the KiCad software, not to works created using the software.