KiPro support offers your business a number of benefits that can both speed up your work with KiCad today as well drive its development in the future.

Private bug reports

Reporting bugs is the best way to get an issue resolved. When the design that shows the issue is private, however, the fixes are slower, leading to delays in your delivery time. KiPro offers issue reporting that is seen only by you and the developer.

The only people who see and interact with your report are you and the person who will fix the issue. NDAs are also available for a nominal rate.

Professional support

When you use KiPro support services, you are dealing directly with professional engineers with thousands of hours experience designing circuits in KiCad. All support staff have completed IPC certification for CID or CID+.

Scheduled releases

KiCad development moves quickly. Sometimes the feature you have been waiting for has been coded and is implemented in the development tree but won’t be available in a stable release for months if not years.

KiPro support resolves this by providing monthly bug fix releases.

Legacy product support and bug fixes

The primary KiCad project is focused on developing new versions of KiCad. But your business needs long-term support of existing products. With KiPro support, you can guarantee that you will always receive bug fixes and application support for existing and legacy projects. Existing subscriptions for current KiPro support can be transferred to legacy support plans upon renewal.